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So how do you keep your cool in the middle of traffic? You partner up with someone who cherishes life—people like us. We understand the fact that being a novice is full of emotional and mental unease. Won’t you want your driving coach to be tuned into your butterflies so that they can help you actually learn instead of fear for your life? Yeah, we thought so, too. At MISTAH DRIVER Auto School, we’ll even directly engage you and turn those anxieties into productive energy. Add a touch of musicality, culture, and some roadside comic goodness, and you’re pretty set for the road!


Mistah P
Mistah P

Programs and Classes

  • This is an introduction class for beginners or an evaluation situation for accomplished drivers.
  • This is an introductory course for the novice driver (includes car for road test). 10-Lesson Package.
  • This course is specifically made for drivers with some road experience (includes car for road test). 5-Lesson Program.
  • This is a mandatory rehearsal session in preparation for a road test (includes car for road test). One Session.
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