Courtesy Driving School

Courtesy Driving School has been a family-owned and operated business since 1970. We strive to be a leader in educating our future drivers. Courtesy Driving School has been successfully teaching students for over 40 years. It has always been our mission to provide strong and thorough driver's education instruction with our professionally developed curriculum. We are dedicated to teaching all of our students the rules of the road, while giving them personal and proper road skill training.

At Courtesy Driving School, we make it our priority to employ the best teachers, certified in Driver's Education by the State of Michigan with FBI background checks and physical exams. Our instructors are professional, caring, and experienced in giving our students the personal attention and confidence needed to develop good safe driving techniques. We work hard to ensure all of our students succeed and have a positive experience in driver's education.


Programs and Classes

  • Segment I includes 24 hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours behind the wheel, and 4 hours observation in a dual controlled automobile.
  • Segment II includes 6 hours of classroom instruction. This session focuses on defensive driving and preparation for the road test.
  • Courtesy Driving School offers automobile and motorcycle road testing. The automobile driving skills test will consist of two parts - a basic control skills test and an on-road driving test.
  • Our private lessons specialize in teaching nervous adults and teens who hold a current permit.
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Barbara Harrison
1 month ago
zero! Teacher unprofessional, on his phone majority of class, drives scheduled preferentially and way behind due to multiple reasons. Called office was almost hung up on by Ruth b/c she knows teacher then office “supervisor” Mary basically said you are at our mercy…too bad. I work full time and don’t have the time to take him to classes/drives for 6 +weeks. Just advocating for my son…now let’s see how badly they treat him in class…so unprofessional
1 month ago
Since my daughter took Segments 1&2 at a different school close to home, I can only comment on the driving test, which she took with Karen at the Lake Orion location. What an absolute gem! The nicest, most down to earth, and kindest lady. Very professional, explained short comings, and gave extra tips for improvement. She went above and beyond. A real rock star!! I would recommend Karen and Courtesy Driving School to every young driver. Thank you Karen!! Thank you Courtesy!
1 month ago
Son took segment 2 course back in the middle of June. got all the communication about the payment of the course. but never got the certificate. tried to call and its almost like the number is not in service. meanwhile i have no other resources to get this certificate!
3 months ago
Wish I could give ZERO stars!! Paid $425 for child to take Segment 1 and was to start at the beginning of the month. Had a major shake up in our schedule(due to COVID) three days before she was to start. She was going to miss the first few classes so I tried to reschedule and they want over $200 to put her in another class in addition to what I already paid. I let the company know that she would not be in class and we would refuse to pay the additional cost. Was told too bad. You need to pay the fee or she wouldn’t be placed in another segment 1. I was told this is their policy and after asking to speak to someone else, I was placed on hold and then told that the other person in the office agreed that I had to pay the additional fee or she would not be allowed access. I again tried to explain that this was COVID related and inquired about some flexibility in their policy. Was told, sorry. Even though I contacted the company before the class even began, her friends contacted her, and showed her that the teacher was talking about the fact the she wasn’t in class. The teacher(and I use that word loosely)of online course, was talking about my kid and how irresponsible it was to miss classes. She continued to speak badly at the beginning of each class and berate my daughter because she was not present. She did this for 3 days. Not only is this completely unprofessional, her absence was because of COVID!!! I cannot begin to express, as a current high school teacher, just how many people I am going to tell about this company. DO NOT USE COURTESY DRIVING SCHOOL. They will simply take your money and then require more before allowing access to “online driving school.”