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Courtesy Driving School has been a family-owned and operated business since 1970. We strive to be a leader in educating our future drivers. Courtesy Driving School has been successfully teaching students for over 40 years. It has always been our mission to provide strong and thorough driver's education instruction with our professionally developed curriculum. We are dedicated to teaching all of our students the rules of the road, while giving them personal and proper road skill training.




At Courtesy Driving School, we make it our priority to employ the best teachers, certified in Driver's Education by the State of Michigan with FBI background checks and physical exams. Our instructors are professional, caring, and experienced in giving our students the personal attention and confidence needed to develop good safe driving techniques. We work hard to ensure all of our students succeed and have a positive experience in driver's education.


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9 months ago
I got a great score and passed. Mrs becky has interesting stories
DJ Renolds
9 months ago
Ms. Becky said we had to write 5 star reviews…. Or we fail. Guess I’ll fail.
Emma Lucaj
11 months ago
I had Mrs Becky and learned a lot during my segment 1. I would recommend courtesy drivers ed I found it to be a very good program.
drew maher
1 year ago
mrs.becky made me type this
Riley McLaughlin
1 year ago
This class at Milford was very informative and definitely prepared drivers.