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1 month ago
*DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!* I NEVER write reviews, so to be writing this is extremely unfortunate. Unfortunately, this stuff happens and I am just expecting my refund for this disastrous miscommunication. I scheduled 4 highway lessons and paid the full amount up front September 23rd. I was told I would not be able to start taking classes until November, due to it being a booked since it was after everything reopened from COVID. My first lesson was fine, although the lady kept calling my father's number even though I am a grown woman who only put him as an emergency contact. After the first lesson I gave the lady my number on a piece of paper so she would not call my dad. A couple of days before my second lesson the school called me and told me my instructor was hurt and that they did not know how long she would be out so I would need to make up my lesson. I was told the office would call me back to schedule the lesson I missed due to the instructor's injury. However, I NEVER received a phone call to make this lesson up nor was I EVER informed that she was recovered. SO even AFTER I gave the instructor MY phone number she still called my dad ONE HOUR AFTER my lesson for December 6th was scheduled. Of course since I did not receive the call BEFORE my lesson was scheduled I was under the impression the lady was still hurt. She asked me 1 HOUR AFTER the scheduled time if I would still want to take the lesson that day and I said no I would rather make it up, because my hair was wet and I did not schedule a lesson for 4pm it was scheduled for 3pm. I have the call log on my phone to prove this. So fast forward to December 20th when I had another lesson scheduled and nobody ever came to pick me up nor did I receive a phone call. So after the constant poor communication I came in today December 30th at 11:30am to ask for a refund for the 3 lessons I never took. The lady that was there was nice about it and apologized to me and told me that I would be called back by 5:30pm. Of course it was 6:00pm and I did not receive a call so I went in person. The woman there was off putting and tried to blame me and even said I would have to be charged for the lesson that I didn't take because I said "my hair was wet." However, the instructor called me 1 hour after my lesson was scheduled, so I had washed my hair after a long day of work because nobody had come to pick me up or call me at the appropriate time. This business has no regard for people's time or money. So now I have to go again in person and hopefully this issue will get resolved ASAP. I chose this school because it's lessons were cheaper than San Juan Auto School in Knickerbocker, but now I see why. At least at San Juan they are professional and call you a day before each scheduled lesson just to confirm. I want to speak to somebody that can get me my REFUND for the 3 lessons I never took, because I have NO INTEREST in doing business with this company.
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