East Bay Driving School
  • Offering lessons: 925-66-DRIVE
    Locations:  Offering driver education training for teens and adults in the Danville, San Ramon, Dublin, and Pleasanton.
  • History:  Our driving school is an affiliate of A Deluxe Driving School in the South Bay, helping students since 2004.
  • Expert Driving Instructors:  Our instructors are certified by the California DMV [Driving School License #E2224].
  • Mission:  We help drivers develop safe driving habits to make the roads a safer place by offering behind-the-wheel driving classes and driver’s license training.

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Sundar Pinnamameni
1 year ago
After calling around, only this school was flexible enough to work with my schedule. They found appointment times early in the morning. I was surprised that they used new cars. In my case, they provided a 2022 civic which drives similar to my Accord. The drive coach recommended the shuffle steering technique which I was hesitant to use at first, but I'm so glad that I gave it a try and I notice considerable smoothness in my turns and corners. The entire lesson was full of great driving tips that I've been using consistently now and would recommend to everyone in my community.
Rohit Rohila
1 year ago
I was in need of a refresher as I had driven in India for a decade, but I am aware that the rules in the US are very different. Actually, I would say that there are very few rules from where I lived in Indian. After speaking to the office manager, she was very informative, answered all of my questions about the DMV requirements, and sent me useful links. I then had two lessons with two different instructors that provided instruction for the entire two hour course. They answered all of my questions and I got the hang of US driving after four hours of driving. No tickets, no problem. Thank you East Bay.
Sarah Johnston
1 year ago
Sheri was helpful on the phone and she gave me helpful tips on what to prepare for each lesson and for the DMV driving test. I had Pete as my driver and he was able to help me dramatically improve in one lesson, even though I've been driving for 4 months. He helped isolate each problem area and I had a lot of fun. I am a much more confident driver.
Logan Conway
1 year ago
Instructor Pete was a champ. He covered about 15 techniques per lesson and I went home to write them all down. I had plenty to practice and he felt more like a sports coach giving me good feedback and worked to prepare for the dmv gotchas.
Reagan N
1 year ago
The instructor gave me a lot of confidence and knowledge from our drive lessons. I had instructor Pete and he was very detailed and gave me steps to adjust my technique. Instead telling me to try again, he would show me helpful tips to improve. 5 stars here.