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Students must have a permit before registering for any driver education class.

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>> Balance due MUST be paid in full, one week prior to class start date <<

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Students must have a permit before registering for any driver education class.

Students are not required to have any driving practice before coming to class. However your student will be required to be proficient in their driving at the end of our course or they will be requested to drive with the DOT to get their license.

Please practice driving with your student.


Programs and Classes

  • Power point classroom instruction All homework completed during class time Flexible driving schedules Knowledgeable guest speakers including law enforcement, insurance professionals and motorcycle safety professionals. The 6 hours of drive time will be setup during the first class and are scheduled outside of class time Parking — all types of parking are taught, allowing students to get the feel for vehicle dimensions and turning capabilities Gravel road driving — Experience on gravel is necessary to ensure that students understand how vehicles react on gravel/ conditions permitting Highway driving — Highway speeds and traffic conditions Extensive city driving — Various driving situations to ensure overall experience
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Josh Matson
4 days ago
Would not recommend. My daughter recently completed this course and even though she received a passing score on the driving test on the final day the instructor noted she still needed to take the DOT test as well. Once the instructor made his decision, I was finally given the results of the driving test to review. The instructor docked my daughter 50% on one item during the test just because she asked the instructor a question. She did not violate any traffic laws and completed the specific task without any issue. The rest of the driving test went great with no issues or concerns. Even with the severe penalty given for just asking a question my daughter still passed the driving test with room to spare. My daughter completed all the coarse work and passed the final driving exam on the final day just to be told she needs to go take the test again. The same test she just passed. All of this because a student asked the instructor a question. Attempting to talk to the instructor to get clarification on what his concerns were the only reason the instructor gave for her needing to take the DOT test again was because he didn't want us to be able to sue him if she had an accident. This is not the way to teach kids how to drive, even though she passed the exam she still thinks she failed and is a bad driver because of this biased instructors comments and who was just trying to cover his own butt. I would not recommend this business and based on conversations with neighbors and friends and there are far better options available. Save your money, or spend it at a better place.
Qaundale Dingle
3 weeks ago
Jim Vowels
8 months ago
My daughters took drivers ed with Street Smarts and had a good experience. We chose Street Smarts because it fit into my kids' schedules much better than taking it before or after school.
Bob Karsen
1 year ago
This is a good place to learn how to drive and they teach you well but during the test, I slammed on my brakes and stopped in time before I hit another car. My driver instructor failed me right away instead of taking off one point for eye sight. I do not recommend.