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We offer programs for street as well as track riders of all levels and motorcycle categories. We are teaching MotoGP riding techniques to street riders. Our advanced motorcycle riding school is located in California, where we teach MotoGP riding techniques. Are you stuck but you don’t know why? Do you want more confidence and control? Can Akkaya, owner of the Superbike-Coach Corp, has spent a lifetime mastering the MotoGP riding techniques which can teach you correct ways to ride better, safer, and faster while avoiding costly and painful mistakes. This wide range of riding programs is designed to help every motorcyclist.


Can Akkaya
Can Akkaya

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Michelle Reynolds
2 weeks ago
I normally don't do reviews... But Superbike coach is such an awesome class. Coach Can leads the class with the knowledge as well as heart. His teaching style is exactly what I hoped for. No bs and honesty. That's what I need to become a better rider. I took day one cornering and can't wait to book the other days. I can't express enough of how beneficial can and his staff were. This is the class I needed! I will be recommending it to others that I know will benefit from it. Can't wait to take more classes.
Ann B.
3 weeks ago
If you are looking for truly specific and useful technical and mental training to ride more safely, more effectively and without fear, be it on the track or on the road, Coach Can is simply AWESOME. I took a 1/1 day class with him 3 years ago, and had to stop riding due to an unrelated back injury. I just did a Cornering day 1 with a great group as a refresher before continuing up in the program and hopefully race on day. Coach Can has decades of top-level experience, shares it with passion and humor, and without any of the usual bullshit. Best motorcycle instruction I ever had.
Erica Johnson
1 month ago
Get ready to actually learn useful information to ride better and smarter. I took the MST here in NorCal to get my M1, and barely rode for years. Once I enrolled in Cornering Class Day 1 with Super Bike Coaching, my entire ride changed-for the better. Don’t worry about bringing a motorcycle, you can rent one of theirs. And if you take the knee down-body position class, get ready to have some fun on their mini-bikes! Push your limits and don’t be afraid to wipe out-just get back up and do it all over again. Looking forward to more classes and finishing up my cornering classes! Thanks Coaches!
Nino Bazarelli
1 month ago
What’s up guys! I’be taken three classes with coach Can and the team. The classes are awesome, fun and you’ll learn a lot. Cornering 1 was such a great class that I’m taking it again before I advance to the next class. Give Superbike Coach a try, you’ll love it.
J. Patel
3 months ago
Highly recommend taking the beginner lessons with Coach Can. He is very knowledgeable, and his experience speaks to it. He was very patient, calm, and had a lot of tips and tricks to help me get comfortable riding. He could tell me exactly where I needed to correct my skills, and it made a difference. I literally did not think I would be riding within the hour. He made that happen, esp. with someone who is a complete black slate. Bonus was being able to rent his bike, because I wasn't sure I could even ride. The price of the lesson, renting the bike, and having a professional like Coach Can made the experience amazing enough to sign up for more lessons!