Alert Driving Academy

Is commited to teaching Safe, Responsible and Defensive driving techniques. With ten years experience it is our goal to ensure that our graduates are truly ALERT Drivers !

We at Alert Driving Academy strive for perfection in everything we do, from classroom instruction, to in-car road lessons. We do this by understanding that all individuals learn differently, and in turn, adjusting our skillset to fit the needs of each individual student. Our in-depth approach to road lessons has earned us a great reputation in the local community and Registry of Motor Vehicles alike. At Alert Driving Academy, we take all students through every possible traffic situation, from the Union Station Rotary and Kelly Square Worcester, to numerous highway and interstate systems: 395, 146, 290, 195, 95. We dont just drive through these areas, we take the time to make sure each student understands what he or she is doing. It is because of this care for every student, and care for how we teach, that we have a first time pass rate of greater than 90% with students that choose to test with us for their Drivers License!!!

We are the only local driving school that offers on-site road exams!!! Avoid the RMV!!! Ask your friends about us...then ask your friends who have been to "other" driving schools...our results and satisfaction ratings speak for themself.

Our Promise To Our Students

To provide you with a driver's education experience that will best equip you to be safe and successful members of the "driving" world. We will do this in a timely manner, that will not sacrifice quality of instruction.

10 classes , 12 hours of driving instruction, 6 hours of observation


We currently have multiple, new Toyota Corolla S-Type vehicles for our students to use. Because of it's high safety rating, reliability, maneuverability and it's sporty look, the Toyota Corolla S-Type will allow for a safe and successful driving experience.


In response to today's ever changing technology: Cell phones, Texting, IPOD's, GPS Navigation systems etc., we are commited to introducing our students to the potential hazards associated with combining these advances and driving.It is our hope that by making our students aware of the many possible distractions and hazards present in the traffic environment, they will become ALERT Drivers.

Programs and Classes

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