NR Driving School

NR Driving School is dedicated to helping you become a safe and effective driver for life! We have been helping Massachusetts students learn the rules of the road and aquire their driver's license for over 20 years.

NR Driving School is a MA RMV licensed driving school. Our instructors are MA RMV certified. We offer a comprehensive Driver Training Program for teens and adults.

Our classroom is conveniently located in Pembroke, MA at the junction of routes 53 and 139. We offer many classes to accomodate the busy schedules of our students. Our fleet of new or late model driving vehicles are clean and are routinely inspected for safety.

Programs and Classes

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Mike S
3 years ago
Ok, I first thought this school was less than stellar, but I was way off on my first impressions. It is almost a family affair-styled business with instructors that have years of experience, compassion and the know-how to deal with teenagers of all walks of life. They were flexible in their approach to scheduling and really tried hard to accommodate when possible. My kid just finished the driving hours, and all she did was remark on the various instructor's abilities to make her feel comfortable and safe. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to go through this important time!
JM Spiel
3 years ago
Paid for this...kid took the zoom class, but it is impossible to get a clear and concise response for driving hours. I've tried voice mails (can't get a live body of course,) and emails but get nothing in return. I would be wary of this school