Jonesway Driving Solution

At Jonesway Driving Solutions our number one goal is to treat each and every student like a family member and teach our students the right set of skills to be able to drive safely, defensively and with utmost level of and aware of the lessons and the progress that is being made. They are emailed at the end of each lesson a progress report from the instructor that will help them practice with the student on their weaknesses. Our goal is to make sure that our students are not only learning the correct set of skills in driving, but making a lifelong habit of these skills to ensure their safety for many years to come. Our teaching approach in drivers method forces the student to be much more engaged with much more awareness of their surroundings. Therefore, the student will be much better prepared to take better and more decisive action in stress situations. they are given scenarios and commands while driving and are engaged in making the correct moves while being coached by instructor.

We here at Jonesway Driving Solutions wish the best for all of our students and all CDL drivers out there and hope for better and safer roads.

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Brenda washby
1 month ago
loved my time at JONESWAY!!!! got my cdl's in 3-4 weeks
Nadia Newkirk
1 month ago
Mr. Jones showed me how to drive, he came to a store to help me. He’s a good man and I would pay him double for all of his experience about CDL
mr day
11 months ago
I went to go get my cdl and was totally scammed. I paid 5500.00 to go to school here and was under the impression that I would be training 5 days a week. I only went there 1 day a week and never received an ounce of training. When I went down there, I didn't see any trucks or students I questioned Mr. jones about this, and he instead brought up the idea for me to lease a brand-new truck through a third-party company. He also wanted his daughter to dispatch for me and hire a driver to drive MY TRUCK AND PAY HIS DAUGHTER 1500.00 A WEEK. When I was there to pay Mr. jones, I witnessed Mr. jones fighting with his daughter over the money. I had to go to a legit school for my training The company needs to be shut down. PLEASE DON"T GO HERE EVER.
Tiffany P
11 months ago
DO NOT GIVE VARIAN JONES ANY MONEY FOR YOUR CDL COURSE. He is not affiliated with Cheyney university and his program is a sham! He has no fleet and he outsources the on the road training part of the course. Contact Pennsville Police Dept if you are a victim of his.
Mr Peterson
1 year ago
Signed contract to take CDL but Mr Jones failed to properly and legally disclose they now outsource all pre-inspection and driving instructions to a third party company based in North Philly . Encountered huge language barriers and was not able properly to complete course. Asked for at least partial refund given there misleading information for which Mr Jones said "No Refunds" Please go elsewhere... they do not disclose all facts upfront and should not be in business.... much better schools out there. They just want to take you money.... run