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Here at CW Driving School, we strive to give our students the best possible and safest courses available. We have a professional environment that makes learning easy and fun. Students learn from repetition. With direction in safety and response to the actions of other drivers, I am a firm believer in developing good sound driving habits. It takes about 40 days of doing a skill correctly to become a habit. This means you don't have to think about it -- just react. This is the foundation that I use for teaching.


Neal Gavinski
Neal Gavinski

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Charles Hanson
3 years ago
This guy laughed at me when I asked him if it was possible to switch my nephew to my niece in the $400.00 class I had already paid for. My nephew did not do a single thing in the program so I simply asked the question. And the guy burst out laughing at me, as if to say “ I got your money already”. Like losing $400 is a joke. I would not have written a review but this guy thought it was funny I just lost $400. Completely unprofessional. Never recommending to anyone.