George Driving School

Very few activities are as liberating as being able to drive. Non drivers have to always depend on others to take them places. Here in the triad, we do have a public transportation system but it is infrequent and does not operate late. To get around, driving is not an option it is a necessity. Every day we hear about horrifying stories of vehicle crashes on the roads and highways. Few people know that driver training can help keep you safe and secure even in situations over which you do not have complete control. Adults and teens may fear driving for the first time or for some adults returning to drive after a long lay off. Therefore, by enrolling in a driver education program at George Driving School I can teach you how to become a safe and defensive  driver.

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Deiera C
3 weeks ago
Excellent instructor. Mr.George was very patient and corrected errors quickly. I went from an anxious driver to a pretty decent driver in the time span of 3 sessions.